Returning customers from the old site simply need to create a new account using the exact same email address from the old site, once the account is activated the old orders (fulfilled and unfulfilled) from last 2 years will show up including IDPoints.

IDPoints have been transferred from the old site (let us know if you feel these are incorrect) and these are used differently. Once logged in click the IDPOINTS button at the top right of page which shows points volume too:-

This shows a pop up which will then explain what steps to take to convert points into a discount code to use in any cart. This can be anything from £1 value upwards as multiple or one large values of discount codes.

When an order is processed from the old site dispatch emails are not sent, and also orders from here do not get marked as fulfilled, only orders made from the new site will be. If you want these updated for your information let us know any order numbers and we can change the status for you.

We now have a fresh and more efficient way of taking pre-orders. From September 21st new Pre-Order products have ZERO deposit and can be cancelled at any time, address amended and customers are automatically emailed if the arrival date changes. Payment is pre-authorised at checkout via SHOPPAY (cards) or Paypal. Payment is then automatically taken when when the product is ready to ship. Don't worry if you do not have funds, you have additional time to pay after this.You can find any active pre-order using this portal HERE. Full payment (up front payments) pre-orders up front are no longer possible.

Here is the way to pre-order with screen shots to help:-
1)Add the item to cart from the category page or the main product page

2)Proceed through checkout as normal, pre-authorise your payment method, and sit back, and wait for the item to arrive.You will receive an email as normal and one from Purple Dot which looks like this and contains an estimate of arrival date. NO PAYMENT IS TAKEN UP FRONT.

3) If you need to amend an order at any time, or cancel, use the Purple Dot portal HERE, you will just need you Purple Dot order number which starts "PD", and your email address. You will then get this screen where you can make changes and cancel a pre-order. No need to contact us.

4)Once your order has been placed, you do not need to do anything. If the date of arrival changes you will receive an email. Otherwise you will just get a dispatch email once the payment has been automatically taken.

HOWEVER if you do want to pay at any time between the order being placed and arriving simply do this:-

1) Click the VIEW MY ORDER button on your confirmation email.

2) Then on the follow page simply click the PAY NOW button and it will take you to the payment gateway.

If a balance is not paid you will receive reminders over the next 4 weeks, once 4 weeks have expired the stock is released to other customers but the order is kept and the deposit will be honoured if the stock is still available, or a refund can be given.